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By entering or using the service you are stating that you have read the terms of access and the rules of living in the code of ethics.

Terms of access:

The present conditions regulate the use of the Didactalia web service.

About the Project: is a global Educational Ecosystem for teachers, parents and students from Infant Education to Year 13, being a property of DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN S.L. (hereafter called DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN).  The ecosystem includes a large variety of educational resources semantically represented, forming an educational graph. It is an educational  content and service space based on the Semantic Web standards and Linked Open Data Web principles, which means: (i) Open Content; (ii) linkable content; (iii) reusable content

On Didactalia, the users will be able to create, share and discover new educational resources, promoting classes and learning communities, as well as building their own lessons. All of it in a social educational environment with faceted search and rich contexts.

In order to access all the Didactalia’s services and become an active user of you have to sign up.

Access requirements:

By registering on, you are certifying that you are meeting this requirement and that you are capable of understanding, accepting and fulfilling the terms of access and code of ethics that rule the running of this social network. To create  an user account on Didactalia to access our services, which are limited to an educational use, you must be least 14 years old. DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN may ask you for information at any time to check your real age, requesting a photocopy of your ID or equivalent. DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN reserves the right to block or cancel your profile if you do not give us this information within the period we will give you.

Note: If we find that a 14-year-old is registered as a user, we will remove or block the user profile.

When you register as a user, you will have to choose passwords. Every time you want to log in, the system will ask you for these passwords to identify you. You will be liable for all the actions carried out with your username and password.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN is not liable for the protecion of that identification elements that you carry out, neither of the use of them by a third party without your permission.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN may limit the employment of certain denominations that violate the rights of third parties.

Procedure of signing up for Didactalia:

To sign up for Didactalia you need to register on the webpage You will be able to do it by clicking on “create account”. In this registry we will ask you for your data of access to your account and your personal information.

If you want you can unsubscribe from these services by the means authorized for this purpose by Didactalia.

Protection of Personal Information:

The protection of personal information is one of the priorities on Therefore DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN, as the holder of this social network, will warrant at any moment the privacy of the personal data that you give us trough forms and/or registration sheets, profile, etc. This information will be included in an automated file that, according to the General Act 15/1999 of 13rd December on the Protection of Personal Information and to its development regulation, fulfills the technical, organizative and human measures necessary to warrant their security and confidentiality.

The collection and the automatic processing of those personal information have as the main purpose the right manage and development of the Communities of knowledge, the identification of the people participating in the network, the obtaining of basic information to answer the questions that you may ask and other activities of DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN recognizes the exercise of your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition according to the current law. In order to do it, you must send us your request to

Rights of intellectual and industrial property:

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN owns or get the license on the exploitation rights of intellectual property of the Website and the content available through it. In no case, it is understood that the fact of allowing users access to the Website imply a waiver, license or transfer such rights, in whole or in part by DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN. You can not modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, load files, send by mail, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the contents available on this website for public or commercial purposes if you do not have the express written permission of DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN.

The contributions and content, regardless of their nature, that users publish on through the different publishing tools available (eg communities, blogs, personal space, public resources…), and of which they are authors, will be licensed under a Creative Commons license on the terms of the license "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Spain" that allows you to copy, distribute and transmit the work in public and make derivative works, unless otherwise indicated by the user through the means enabled by this purpose. The conditions for this license are available at

If you submit material or contents that are not licensed under a Creative Commons license, and in accordance with the laws that protect the copyright you may not publish, modify, distribute nor reproduce any materials protected by these laws, trademarks or any other material that is property of other parties, including co-authored works, without the prior express written permission of the holder of that rights. As the user that uploads these materials, you are liable for obtaining this authorization, without any option to derivate to DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN the obtaining of this authorization or any derived liability for this cause.

Didactalia is a social platform to structure your data and expressed according to the standards and principles of the Semantic Web and Linked Data Project, which allows the realization of faceted search and generation of semantic contexts from data binding. It is for this reason that DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN reserves the right to reuse the content posted by its users in communities DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN contextual information in other communities and areas through the linked Didactalia your data with third parties and vice versa, in order to suit the technical and operational needs of the Service, without this affects or restricts the author's rights. The user holds the copyright on the content provided.

Terms and conditions of purchase:

On Didactalia you can buy various services and educational content. Payment services are regulated under their own conditions and will be deemed accepted by the user, expressly and unconditionally, at the same time in availing, use or provision thereof. All payment services require previous registration regulated by the Law for the protetion of data under the current legislation.

Termination of the service:

In the same way as you process the signing up, you can cancel your account writting to By processing the cancellation, your profile will be removed, as well as the visible information to the other users.

The withdrawal of that data warrants the fulfillment of the policy of data protection.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN may, at any time in its sole discretion, interrupt temporarily or permanently the access and/or the service. This interruption may take place without prior notice. By accepting these terms during the registration procedure you are accepting the deactivation of your accounts and profiles on Didactalia.

Towards third parties or the user himself/herself, DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN will not be responsible for the termination or suspension of the access or its modification.


Didactalia is a collection of educational represented and enriched  content ; for this purpose we use the semantic web standards and technologies, and Linked Open Data Web principles, allowing our systems “understand” and compute texts previously written by people.  Didactalia use these technologies to semi-automatically summarize the relevant knowledge on a given topic. This is a feature not found in most of the educational collections.

The main way of enriching the information, using Didactalia, although not the only, is the DBpedia, a project of the Semantic Web that allows access content from Wikipedia, a unique encyclopaedia in which the articles are edited in community, the material is constantly evolving, the range of topics is vast, and that does not have a predetermined working plan.

This, together with the historical variety of content that have been published on Wikipedia and the fact that semantic technologies can incur misunderstandings, makes it sometimes difficult to determine exactly what material is suitable for enrichment Didactalia. Nevertheless, the results represent a breakthrough and are useful for teaching and learning.

Even though we have supplemented the automatic linked tasks with a manual filtering which may be more doubtful in order to avoid those without educational interest, Didactalia can not guarantee that the educational content of the community convened in any case any offensive or inappropriate content from Wikipedia. If there was any unappropiate content, Didactalia will undertake specific actions to eliminate them in the shortest possible time. Please, we ask you that if you detect any unappropriate content, communicate us through We will review all reports as soon as possible and will take the appropriate action.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN is not liable for the opinions, statements, declarations and comments that you express through the different tools available in this social network, where the holder of the password to access the network is directly liable.

To achieve the purposes of Didactalia, the employment of the user profiles for acts that are considered as unlawful or unauthorized acts, which are an attack to other users, fraudulent, slanderous or breaking our code of ethics, is prohibited.

DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN reserves the right to deactivate the usernames and accounts that have been inactive for more than 6 months.

On Didactalia, the user might find links to web pages, blogs, materials or web sites not managed by DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN and over which DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN has no control, not being responsible for the content, services or products offered from them, the veracity of the information offered by third parties or any other content offered.

Code of ethics:

The next code sets out the frame for the good use of Didactalia. This code of ethics collects the rules of living together within the net which favor a positive environment for exchanging work, opinions and values.

Its main goal is to establish some general principles to protect the most the privacy, the rights recognized by law and the global experience in the network. The code of ethics is a complement to the terms of access.

f you detect any violation of the network rules by third parties, you may send us a notification by email to

At Didactalia we favor the free exchange of knowledge without any kind of restriction initially. Nevertheless, there are some legal and contractual limitations related to the contents and to the behavior between users.

Identity of the user:

You must give us true data when creating your profile and not lie to us about your age. As you know, according to the terms of access, under-14s must not access the website.


Also in accordance with the terms of access and use, you must not exchange, share, save or favor through our network any materials, opinions or comments that break the legal rules or contradict the good customs.

Invitations to the Community:

When you invite other people to participate in a community you are collaborating in, you must make sure that they know and accept the terms of use. If Didactalia believes that any of the invited people has infringed the rules of the community, Didactalia can suspend or cancel both profiles (his/hers and yours) for the general interests of the community they are taking part in, and for the integrity of Didactalia.

Use of the community:

Unauthorized use of invitation and communities managed by our social network for commercial purposes is forbidden unless explicitly allowed by DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN.

Not permitted acts:

It is prohibited the access or use the Service for illegal or unauthorized purposes, therefore it will be your sole responsibility. More specifically, and without considering the following list as an absolute description, it is prohibited:

  • Defame, harass, intimidate or threaten to other Didactalia users or third parties.
  • Use personal and private data of other people for other purposes than the intended ones of the community you belong to.
  • Use the network as an exchange tool of materials or information that are obscene, unlawful, defamatory, immoral and/or inappropriate.
  • Exchange materials that, in accordance to the intellectual property law, are property of a third-party without its consent. In the same way, you will not be allowed to remove the legal statements about copyright, proprietary right, trademarks or any other similar rights.
  • Use the website  as a distributor of viruses, Spam, malware and also files and/or programs that interrupt, disrupt, harm or limit the operability of the network or any software, hardware or telecommunication equipment. In the same way, you will not carry out any action that can damage, overload or deteriorate the Didactalia network.
  • Create an account with a false identity or misappropriating the identity of other person or organization.
  • Use any Didactalia’s tool or service as a means to publish, repeat or duplicate content systematically and/or automatically.

The performance of any of the previous conducts on your part will allow DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN, depending on their severity and according to it discretion, suspend or cancel your profile immediately and, if necessary, remove the contents on the profiles infringing this list of not permitted acts.

Where appropriate, pursuant to the provisions above, DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN will suspend or cancel your profile automatically. This act would give you no right to compensation. For all these purposes, we inform you that DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN might give notice and timely cooperate with law enforcement and judicial authorities collaborate with law enforcement authorities if detected any violation of the law in force or if it suspected crime.

Finally, we want to remind you that DIDACTALIA EDUCACIÓN is not liable for the opinions, statements, declarations and comments that you express through the different tools available in this social network, where the holder of the password to access the network is directly liable.



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